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Big Head Cut Out - 0715

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Big Head Cut Out

Size Options:
10" wide x 16.5" height = $18.95
16.5" wide x 21.5" height = $22.95
22" wide x 26" height = $33.95 (most popular)

This material is printed and then applied to a durable coroplast fluted material, much stronger than cardboard or foam core. This is not for a wall but a solid product for the use of cheering on your special person.

Picture Quality:
For best results, have a professional photographer take the picture. If that is not a option take the highest quality resolution picture you can. The higher the quality of the picture the cleaner it will be when we enlarge the image. If you are using a professional be sure to ask them if you can use your pictures for a Big Head Cut Out sign.

A lower quality image will look very grainy and pixelated. If the picture is grainy when zooming in it will be very pixelated when blown up to enlarge the print. Even if the image is pixelated, from a distance the print will still look ok.

You can pre-pay ahead of time or if you would like to see a layout beforehand please email your picture and the size option you would like to Once we have that in hand we'll setup a layout with a cut-out around your custom Big Head. Once approved, we'll email you a link to purchase.

Call or Text 1-800-945-6727 or email us at

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