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About Mike

Lets customize your wall...

I thought this website was called Wall Decal Studios?
Welcome to Wall Decal this website is dedicated to making your house and work place awesome. Wall Decal Studios is a division of Drumfire Graphics LLC. I'm focused on getting your custom decal to you in a quick and timely manor. I can customize any size wall decal to your needs.

How Drumfire got its name:
Hello, my name is Mike Gholson I own a small online wall decor business called Drumfire Graphics. Drumfire Graphics was created in 2009 after I packed my bags from Indianapolis, Indiana and took a 8,000 mile road trip by myself.

Mike GholsonI saved up a bunch of money and took a month and a half off and figured out how I was going to start a sign business. It was a great time in my little honda civic. I went from Indy to Chicago through South Dakota. Got to see the "Bad Lands and Mt. Rushmore" then I went through Wyoming where I saw my first real mountain. I got kicked out of a camping ground in Yellowstone National Park. I guess I was illegally camping. I stayed in Denver with some friends for a week then went through Roswell, New Mexico and through the great state of Texas. I had to visit "Gholson, Texas" which is named after my family. Not much was there but it's still cool to see your name on everything. I eventually made my way to my new home Tampa, Florida.

Once I made it to Tampa I finally figured out the name. Back in the 1800's there were a couple of Indian Tribes that lived around Tampa Bay. They use to use the phrase "Drum" for Thunder and "Fire" or "Fire Sticks" for Lighting. At the time Tampa was the lightning capital of the world. So I thought to myself Drumfire (Thunder and Lightning) fits the bill. After a year of living in Tampa and starting up my business I had a lot of work coming from my home town of Indianapolis, Indiana. I decided to move back and get to work.

Work I did, for 5 years I went out on my own and learned many things about the sign industry. I had experience in the sign industry for 15 years prior but owning your own business is whole other monster. Once 2014 came around I discovered Etsy. I also discovered the need for homeowners wanting custom wall decals. I knew I was fast and efficient so I thought I'd give it a try while doing all my other sign orders. Well 10 months later Etsy took over my workflow. It literally became 90% of the work that was coming in. I started turning local sign customers away because of all the online wall decal orders. Once I got to this point I decided to just focus on "Custom Home Wall Decor".

Where are you located?
In a 500 square foot garage in my back yard. Located in Indianapolis, IN. (United States)

Who's on the Drumfire Team?
Just me... and my awesome girlfriend Shanda always gives me advice on what I should be doing next. She's the best.

When do orders go out?
Monday through Saturday, everyday. I try to get your decal to you as fast as possible.

Can you make a layout before I purchase?
You better believe it. It wouldn't be right if you didn't get what you wanted before you ordered it.

Contact Information:
* Phone: 317 696-4570, If I don't answer please leave a voicemail and I'll call you back. Since I run a online store sometimes the time zones get in the way. You can call any time. I know a lot people like to look for wall decals through the late hours of the night. Just a fyi I am located in the eastern standard time zone.

* Email: you can email me any questions at

BONUS: 5 Interesting facts about Mike:
- I took 8 years of martial arts in my 20's and have 3 black belts
- Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser, NPH, Barney) is a distant cousin of mine.... he doesn't know me though.
- I've jumped out of a perfectly good airplane not once but three times.
- I'm a guy and I'm addicted to Pinterest, once you go down that rabbit hole there's no coming back.
- I created the stage graphics for the NFL Honors Awards with host Alec Baldwin in 2012.