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Installing Wall Art

We have many different decals and they come in all shapes and sizes. Each decal requires a specific way to install. Below are links for each style on how to install your decal:

Installation Video Options

Wall Type

Letting us know which wall type you have is vital for your decal. Most walls are smooth but there are also textured or orange peel walls. Be sure before purchasing your decal that you choose the correct wall type. On our smooth walls we use a removable material called Oracal 631. On our textured or orange peel walls we have to use a much more aggressive material which is called Oracal 651. When you get your decal you can check the back of it and it will have one of those numbers on the back telling you the material you purchased.

For wall prints we can only apply wall prints on smooth walls. The material we use is not made for a textured wall. If you do have a textured wall you can purchase a frame and frame your wall print. We do not sell frames on our website.