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I have textured walls and my decal won’t stick, what can I do?

You can install decals on textured walls but I recommend you heat up the
vinyl once you have it on the wall but haven't yet peeled the transfer tape off. This will
make the adhesive expand and help mold to the textured material. It will be a little hard
to install but just take your time when you peel the transfer tape away from the vinyl
lettering once it's on the wall.


How do I place a custom order?

Here are the things I would need from you if you want me to work up a layout and pricing before hand:
+ send me the text you want to use for your quote
+ the area (Height x Length) you want that text to fit in
+ the color you want to use
+ a font style you want to use or (fonts) you want to use. You can visit to pick a font.
You even have the option to type your text to preview what it will look like.

You can email all of your information to


Will your decals stick to wood?

Yes it will. The smoother the better though. Sometimes when applying to wood the wood will be rigged. If you are working with a rough piece of wood apply The decal to the wood and then take a heat gun or hair dryer once the decal is on the wood. Heating up the decal will activate the sticker material to expand and mold to the texture of the wood.


Will your decals stick to glass?

Yes they will.


Can you cut your decals “Reverse Cut” where the sticker material is on the inside of the glass facing outside so people can read what it says?

Yes, just be sure to tell me that while ordering.


Can I apply my wall sticker to freshly painted walls?

No. Wait at least three weeks before applying your decal to a “just painted wall”. This gives the paint time to fully dry. If you do or already have applied your decal to the wall don’t worry, the only issue you might have is when you remove the decal from the wall it might pull some of the paint off of the wall when removing it. The decals I use are made to be removable vinyl without damaging the wall but if the paint isn’t fully dry that can be a issue.


Can I apply my sticker to a mug or water bottle?

I have tested this and it seems to work even though it’s really not suppose to. The vinyl that is used is a removable wall vinyl and not a permanent vinyl but because most mugs and bottles are clean and smooth it will attach aggressively to the surface since it’s a smooth surface.


Are these wall stickers made for outside use?

Technically no, but the vendor we purchase the material from says it will last up to
a year outdoors. The sticker material I use is made for indoor use but if you need it
for a temporary use outdoors it will work for you.


Do you have to apply each letter one by one to the wall?

No you will not. The way it is transferred to the wall without installing
each letter individually is by using transfer tape. When you receive your decal
it will have transfer tape on the front of it so you can transfer
the entire decal to the wall in one fell swoop.


Do your decals have a clear film where there is no colored text in the layout?

No it does not. Everything you’ll get will be individually cut. So once you have the decal applied to the wall you’ll be able to run your hand across it and feel the texture of each letter. Whatever is not the decal will be the actual wall. The way it is transferred to the wall without installing each letter individually is by using transfer tape. When you receive your decal it will have transfer tape on the front of it so you can transfer the entire decal to the wall in one fell swoop.


Can you do full color decals or printed decals with pictures?

No, not at the moment but in the future I will have that as a option.


Can you do 2 color wall stickers?

I can, but I would need to know what you are looking to do before I can give the green light. It might cost just a little more than a normal decal as well.


Are your decals removable and reusable? Can I move my decal off the wall to another location?

It is removable, but is pretty hard to take off and try to place it on a different wall once you have it on the original wall you put it on. Some people advertise that and technically it is true but very hard to do.

Here's the Steps:

1.) Once you're ready to uninstall your decal, roll out your transfer tape onto the decal and the wall. Apply it back on the wall like it looked before covering the whole vinyl wall sticker.

2.) Take your squeegee and press it up on the wall and decal so you apply pressure to the decal. Once that's done pull your decal off the wall slowly and carefully.

3.) When you're pulling the decal from the wall you may have some issues where parts of the decal don't want to come off the wall. Take a xacto knife or something sharp and pull up any pieces that are struggling to come off the wall.

4.) Once you have it off the wall keep it flat and clean. DO NOT ROLL UP THE VINYL, it will stick. Move your decal to your new location. I would have another person help you on the install. You grab the right and the grab the left side of the decal and apply it to the wall at the same time. Just the way you installed it before.

5.) Once it's on the wall take your squeegee and start from the center and work your way out pressing the decal to the wall. Once the decal is pressed to the wall, just like the first time you installed it. Carefully peel off the transfer tape and you're all set.

If there's a possibility that you'll need to remove your decal either to move them to a new location or to save them for re-use at a later on, I recommend saving the liners that come in the original packaging.

If you have thrown away your original liners, parchment paper or wax paper also works very well for this purpose.