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Custom Digital Silhouette - 0002

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Custom Silhouette Digital File

♦ Whats Included ♦ 
+ One (1) Digital File with your order
+ JPG and PDF format
+ Options for size are 4x6, 5x7, or 8x10 (or whatever works best for you)
+ 2 business day turn around times
+ Optional Neck tightening if you request. No need to be embarrassed, everyone does it.

♦ Easy Tips for Taking Your Photo ♦ 
+ Include your entire head, neck and shoulders.
+ Longer hair looks best in a pony tail or pulled up to expose the back of your neck.
+ Take your picture in natural light and take the photo in front of a blank wall.
+ Take your photo at eye level of the subject, and have them stand sideways.
+ Feel free to email me multiple pictures, I’ll choose the best one. Your picture file can be emailed to

♦ More Info ♦
When you email us your custom silhouette photo, let me know how tall you want your head profile to be and any special instructions. The main thing you want to focus on is taking a good shot of the front lips, nose and eye lashes. Sometimes you have to take a few pictures before really getting the right shot. Be sure to take good clean high quality pictures. If your picture is in poor quality we will let you know before tracing your picture.

Email Address:
Attention: Mike
Shipping: via email

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